National Bash A Muslim Day

Not only do you deserve to be beaten up if you’re a Muslim, but you also deserve to be beaten up if you defend the rights of a person to practice their own religion in a free country.

This is the same person who screams ‘freedom of speech’ every time he puts down an entire culture. This is the same person who hates Muslims because of their apparently violent nature. This person is pictured with a young person looking up to him.


7 thoughts on “National Bash A Muslim Day

  1. I’m with you Harley, bash em, piss on em, then rape their smelly wives. oooooh yeah, antibogan, your a fucken wanker

  2. The only rape I agree with is raping muslim bitches, “DO YOU LIKE ABO STYLE” Oh, but I will draw a line in the sand Anti Bogan, when I find you and fuck you with my big black cock.

  3. Hey Josh, ever sucked a black mans cock, when you do, it will be just like your mummy, she loves black cock, the bigger, the better. Once she went black, she wont go back to your fathers little white weenie

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  5. Oh how sweet. See how much sense you make? Ooh I can’t think of an argument so I’ll just insult you like I’m 12 years old. You’re so clever…

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