Schools Banning Christmas… Really…?

Irony strikes again! This is an excerpt from a conversation with a young Muslim woman.

He invents stories about schools banning Christmas to somehow justify his hatred for people he doesn’t know. To this date, not one person has been able to prove that a school banned Christmas because Muslim parents asked them to.

Firstly, parents who don’t want their children being involved in celebrations of Christmas because of conflict from their faith are making decisions based on religion – and that is usually why they enrol their children in faith-based schools. Never has there been an instance of an entire school banning Christmas celebrations because of a religious decision based on the needs of one parent. It is time to remind people that Muslims comprise of around 1.5% of our entire population, and there no public schools in Australia that have a majority of Muslim parents over non-Muslim parents.

Secondly, the sensationalist rag that brought the story to light that ‘schools were banning Christmas’ was none other than the Herald Sun – propaganda central. You can read their article here.

But here are the most important parts of the article that seem to have been overlooked:

The schools finally got unofficial mentions here but the Australian media chose not to mention them. Why? Because the schools were not affecting ‘bans’.

None of the schools had banned Christmas, they had decided to celebrate inclusivity and student achievement. None of the schools had designed laws or rules that would be subject to forms of punishment of a child wore a T-shirt with Santa on it, or said Merry Christmas on a card given to their teacher. No. Christmas was not banned at all.

We live in a secular society. People are free to celebrate religion. Let it be noted that the people who don’t celebrate Christmas don’t necessarily hate it. They just don’t want to be a part of it. I don’t get involved with Hannukah, but I don’t hate it. I’d definitely prefer it if my son’s school celebrated his achievement and included all children. We are certainly not religious and when you think about all of the religion wrapped around carols, Christmas stories, the meaning of Christmas, gift-giving – is it really something that should be happening to our children in a secular society?

The children at the schools that didn’t place a huge emphasis on Christmas still sang songs, still told stories, still celebrated, still gave gifts, still discussed the importance of harmony and togetherness and they were able to do it in a way that included people from other cultures and faiths. Isn’t that a positive direction that we could be heading in?

Religion to me is a crock of shit. But I celebrate Christmas every year because everybody else does. And to me, it has nothing to do with Jesus or Bethlehem or ‘wise men’ or holy spirits or anything like that.

So to ‘Awol Partydrunk’, the guy who thinks Muslims should blow themselves up and chastises women but then preaches the significance of Christmas – take a look at yourself and the hatred you perpetuate. Oh and learn how to spell and use grammar correctly.
You’re in Australia. Speak English or fuck off. Right?

16 thoughts on “Schools Banning Christmas… Really…?

  1. Hi im muslim mother my kids they all go to public schools to me theres no diffrence between our celebrations and yours i let my kids celebrate christmas and so forth i even encourage the to send christmas cards to there friends and teachers we dont need to start these contraversies because of a few muslims there are a lot of muslim parents like me i see no need for the others to ask schools to ban christmas

  2. I am a white Australian and I don’t celebrate Christmas because I am an Atheist. I also believe in seperation of church and state, if it is a public school NO religion belongs there; children should learn at school not Pray!

  3. What you all don’t understand is that Australia is a Multicultural country. I’m Australian and I respect all religions (I am a Christian) but there are MANY Muslims today who are trying to change the ways of how Australians should live. Yesterday I was shopping in Brisbane City and I saw a bunch of Islamic people who had set up a stall with signs saying “Muslim is the best religion”. I think this is wrong they are trying to change people’s faith and Australia is originally a Christian country so people who enter in this country should enter with open mind not trying to convert others to their own ways.
    I have lived in Australia my whole life and it is only these past few years the Christmas spirit has died all because it is ‘offending’ the Muslim religion. So there are not as many public decorations and christmas music playing in shopping centres anymore. Christmas is a time to come together and celebrate with our loved ones. What is wrong with that to have so much affect on Muslims? Christians do not go to other countries and try to change people’s way of living so they should not do this to us as Christians are a very welcoming religion. I believe some of them (not saying all Muslims) need to be put in line for their behaviour here.

    • Of course we understand that Australia is multicultural. (Note the lower case ‘m’).

      Now, to address your STORY:

      “Yesterday I was shopping in Brisbane City and I saw a bunch of Islamic people who had set up a stall with signs saying “Muslim is the best religion”. I think this is wrong they are trying to change people’s faith and Australia is originally a Christian country so people who enter in this country should enter with open mind not trying to convert others to their own ways.”

      Your story is FULL OF SHIT. Muslims are NOT going to write ‘Muslim is the best religion’ on a sign and then stand around at a makeshift stall. Firstly, Islam is a religion, and a Muslim is a person who follows it. Secondly, the stall obviously has no purpose other than to claim superiority. Why have a stall if it’s not going to have a goal?

      In closing, Australia is NOT a Christian nation. Not at all. Your facts are wrong. And where the hell have you been? Christmas is MASSIVE in Australia. ESPECIALLY in shopping centres and schools.

      • Even if a Muslim did have a sign saying “Muslim is the best religion”-how is that wrong?

        On a daily basis you can see Christian Scientists, Scientologists, Hare Krishnas, and all forms of Christianity proudly saying that they have the best religion. Why are Muslims not also allowed this free speech? They are not forcing anyone to change their religion, just putting forward their belief in which is the better religion.

        And Ricky, how exactly have Muslims been trying to change your life? Please use specific examples.

    • For starters Muslim isn’t a religion, a Muslim is a person who follows Islam. So they should have been saying “Islam is the best religion.” They are allowed to make that claim, that’s no different when I am walking around the same Brisbane city and I have a bible thumper trying to convince me to go to their church because their god is the best. I am a Catholic by the way, just never been big on preachers. Regardless, they aren’t actively trying to change peoples faith, they have a stall set up so people can learn more IF they want to, no ones being forced to do anything. People are free to believe in anything they like. Australian was NOT originally a Christian country, so we basically converted the majority of the population that was already here, imagine that.

      I too have lived in Australia my whole life, I’ve never left the country and I rarely travel. So I have been in Brisbane a very long time and I haven’t noticed a change in Christmas celebrations here. Stores still put up decoration around October and we still have our parades and concerts and all sorts. That has not changed, nor have I heard anyone complain about it. Christmas is a time to come together and celebrate with our loved ones, how Muslims are preventing you from doing that, I am not sure. None have stopped me and if they did I would politely explain to them that it is none of their business, the same as Jewish celebrations are none of mine.

      “Christians do not go to other countries and try to change people’s way of living”

      You really are joking right? What do you think missionaries do? What do you think the majority of Christians did for a large part of history? That was literally all they do. Like I said, I can’t walk down Queen St without someone holding a bible to my face.

      “Christians are a very welcoming religion.”

      Again, not so much. Keep in mind, I’m saying that and I’m a Catholic.

      “believe some of them (not saying all Muslims) need to be put in line for their behaviour here.”

      Put in line? How so? How have they stepped out of line? By putting up a stall? One that is easy to avoid. People can advertise their religion all they want. People don’t have to celebrate Christmas. Your whole argument is that you feel threatened by another religion. Seriously? If you have strong faith than who cares what another religion is attempting to do to either get followers or convert others. We tried it all before.

      Still I find it funny that you claim “people who enter in this country should enter with open mind” and then go on a rant about how people SHOULDN’T have an open mind. LOL.

    • Next time when you see this “Muslim is Great!” stall, take a photo with your phone and e mail it to TAB, better yet post it on here your self.

    • 1. Funny how I live in Sydney, which has far more Muslims living here than does Brisbane, and I have never met any Muslims who have told anyone how to live. By contrast, our peaceful weekends have been disturbed over the years by a motley variety of Christians coming to our door and trying to tell us how to live.

      So how should Australians “live” Larri? Especially the majority who rarely set foot in church and those who think religion is a load of fairy tales.

      2. I will believe your tale about the Muslim stall in Brisbane when you furnish proof. I have never seen one here or in Melbourne.

      3. Don’t worry Larri, retail sales were still well up at Christmas and retail stores and shopping malls still seem to be doing a brisk trade despite the general retail downturn due to the after-effects of the GFC. Plenty of decorations and hype around, and Christmas messages in the newspapers and on TV – that what you mean by “Christmas spirit” right Larri?

      4. Seems to me whenever the colonialist invaders went, the Christians were not far behind, all eager to push their particular flavour of belief whether the locals wanted it or not. Just ask the Aboriginal people.

  4. Australians, it is YOU who need to adapt, YOU who need to assimilate… YOU decided to vote the government that introduced multiculturalism, YOU MADE THAT CHOICE NOW FOLLOW IT AND ASSIMILATE TO MULTICULTURALISM!!! Ignorance is not bliss IGNORANCE IS HATRED!!! Ps. Yes I am Muslim… racism only causes you to be stupider

    • umar how dare you make such pathetic remarks its people like you that gives us muslims a bad name IAM A MUSLIM and proud but i dont force my religon on to anyone australia does NOT need to adapt nor assimilate nor does it need people like u. our prophet said if u live in a non islamic YOU MUST ABIDE BY THAT COUNTRYS LAW if u cant abide by that countrys law than go to a country where u can yes this country did allow mulitcultralism but that does mean the aussies have get it to adapt to these immigrants way of life this country is giving others a better way of life by allowing them into this wonderful country not to change it BIG DIFFERENCE if you dont like it here go back to another country full stop. oh and please stop contradicting yourself u say IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS ITS HATRED then what do u call ur ranting? well my ignorant friend if racism causes you to be stupider (which is not a proper word anyway) than you have crossed the line of stupidity and entered moron mode…..

  5. The far left cultural cowards and political correct pimps who would sell their own children and yours just to please a minority within a minority just love using the religious card to force their brand of “enlightenment” onto our schools and other such establishments but they fail to see how Christmas in today’s Australia is more un-religious then it is religious, how Christmas has turned into a holiday of good will and family more so then the celebration of some guy that was nailed to a cross many a year ago. Changing Christmas in our schools is just as bad as banning it because you’re altering our identity, your altering our values, it’s clear the far left cowards and pimps haven’t noticed that Christmas in school tends to be more of the un-religious brand of Christmas.

    Oh and Umar you say Australia needs to adapt to multiculturalism, well yeah but first Muslims and other minorities need to adapt to Australia first and that means stop trying to change the way in which we live because multiculturalism means you adapt for us to be able to live peacefully in our country and not the other way around.

    The term I used before “a minority within a minority” is just me acknowledging that those who are of an ethnic background and would have us change our way of life to suit their own beliefs are in small number compared to the rest of the ethnic group they come from so hence a minority within a minority.

    • If you’re going to make such outlandish statements about how schools celebrate the festive season, you could at least provide some evidence.

      Please also provide some evidence of how any immigrant has ever tried to ‘change the way in which we live’.

      Just another wind bag fucking hands-solo.

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