Muslims Denounced for Trying To Adapt To Aussie Way of Life

Where do bogans like this get off? First they complain that Muslims refuse to participate in the ‘Aussie way of life’, but then when Muslims rock up to the beach to enjoy a swim, we suddenly need to erect a boom gate to keep the ‘kunts’ out.

Whether or not this story has any truth to it at all is irrelevant. The Muslim family in question have every right to have a swim and to wear whatever they like. Chris’ grandmother probably went to the beach back in her day dressed head to toe – as that was the norm in the 40’s and 50’s.

If Chris is having such a hard time having fun at the beach because his eyes are hurting so badly whenever he sees someone else having fun, then perhaps he should stay home. And perhaps the council should start work on that boomgate – right outside his front door.

17 thoughts on “Muslims Denounced for Trying To Adapt To Aussie Way of Life

  1. The funny thing is though, this guy is totally hypocritical,
    He’s joining groups that are both for racism and against racism. And most of is statuses are basically whinging about things like his children not being allowed in the pub.
    Pretty sure the council should have his internet disconnected

    • He’s probably joining the anti-racist groups to abuse or troll them. Who knows though? Maybe he should be spayed or neutered for population control.

  2. Hey boys, we all have a right to our own opinions, yes???? So lets just say that you boys should just stay out of groups that seem to offend you. If I think that muslims are fucking this country that is my opinion, it does not come down to racism, religionperhaps. xxxxxxx love you all, enjoy sucking each others penis’s

  3. Hey Benedict, your mum must have hated you, hey, what sort of fucken idiot calls their son Benedict. Then again, she may not have been thinking right at the time, too busy trying to work out who your father was???????

  4. Yeah, fantastic forum guys, you seem to get a lot of interest, 500 or so visits, there is so many people that share your views. In 20 years time when this country has a mosque in every suburb and bombs are going off in the street, you guys can sit back and say, “Yes we really wanted these people here in Australia.” The fucken problem with you guys is, you all meet at Uni, join anti everything groups to get a voice into something, so you can try and get recognised. Then you probobly move towards politics, because Australia needs more fuckwits running the country. Your all fucked in the head.

  5. Note: This blog has only been open for 2 days. The ‘500 visits’ Chris speaks of are independent tracks. It’s not a hit counter, it’s measuring the amount of people who’ve seen the blog. You can only be counted once.
    As for hits, this blog already has over 4000.

    • Don’t take out your anger on others because you didn’t get your baby bonus payment for the 122nd foul creation you let grace this earth. Idiot

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  7. I love it when bogans think they make sense. At the end of the day you are an intolerant bigot. Nobody thinks you are intelligent, nobody thinks your views are correct. What we think is that you will spend your life standing in a Centrelink line, complaining that you’re not getting paid enough because the immigrants are taking your money. Wrong. The immigrants are making a life for themselves and are contributing to Australia every day. You are just lazy, uneducated and pretty much worthless. Enjoy.

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