Muslims Cancel Even More Christmases!

Just another Aussie pride bandwagoner making up stories about schools banning Christmas, just to justify their hatred of the unknown. It’s a load of shit.

No schools in Australia have ever banned Christmas. Never. If you know of one, please email us: !

After Jodie makes up these stories in order for people like Hannah and Mike to accept her as a true blue Aussie, she then rambles on about how second rate her friend feels when she can’t sell halal. Anybody else smell bullshit? Honestly, is it really even worth getting granny knickers into a twist and wanting to kick Muslims out of the country?

And then there’s Mike, who thinks that the Muslims make our kids study Indonesian and ‘Abo’. We’d love to say that these people aren’t procreating, but it seems that dead shits like this breed faster than anyone else on the planet.

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

2 thoughts on “Muslims Cancel Even More Christmases!

  1. I’m just amazed that apparently someone who eats hallal meat is not a “real” meat eater. So, apparently, either a person who buys hallal meat doesn’t eat it, or my personal favourite interpretation, when an animal is slaughtered in a hallal way, they suddenly turn into tofu.

    It’s a miracle!

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