More Bank Robbing Burqas!

This is one of those fears that will constantly do the rounds. It really is void of logic, especially when placed into the Australian context. Here’s why:

  1. 1.‘Employees’ let the pair of male bank robbers into the bank. This should probably read “Two faux-Muslims walk into bank unmanned by security guard while employees are continuing regular banking activities.” Australian banks are not manned by security guards, which means that if you wanted to walk into a bank tomorrow wearing a religious motorcycle helmet or a cultural bee-keepers mask, you would make your way in easily.
  2. 2.Muslims in Australia make up 1.5% of our population. Muslim females make up 0.75%. Muslim females wearing full body burqas make up around 0.02% of our population. If you’re a bank robber and you want to make your way into a bank unnoticed and without making every single person in the bank freeze and stare at you with misguided fear, then don’t wear the burqa.
  3. 3.The guys in this story ‘flipped back their head coverings’ as soon as they were inside, making them entirely visible to security cameras. This is because the burqa is completely useless as a bank-robbing/quickly-escaping outfit. No peripheral vision, up or down, or side to side.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dianne ‘Trueblue’ would love to ban the burqa because she’s so very scared of their capacity to carry bombs and they go completely against our ‘women must be scantily clad, tanned and skinny’ way of life. She can’t find a story in Australia about Muslim women or anyone using a burqa to rob a bank, but feels that a story in France will suffice.

We aren’t scared of the burqa, are you? Can you be justifiably cautious around a Muslim woman? No. Its like being afraid of the dark. Only people with messed up over-stimulated imaginations can’t deal with it.

2 thoughts on “More Bank Robbing Burqas!

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