Speak English or Fuck Off

Not much to say on this one. Andrew can’t spell, nor can he present grammatical structure.

Just more evidence that ‘100% AUSSIE PRIDE’ can be linked to vile racism and intolerance of non-whites. It has little to do with actual pride – it’s the need to feel superior at the expense of other people.

4 thoughts on “Speak English or Fuck Off

  1. You come into this country
    You can’t get real jobs
    Boats and boats and boats of you
    Go home you fuckin’ slobs
    Selling hot dogs on the corner
    Selling papers in the street
    Pushing, pulling, digging, sweating
    Where you come from must be beat

    You always make us wait
    You’re the ones we hate
    You can’t communicate
    Speak English Or Die

    You don’t know what I want
    You don’t know what I need
    Why must I repeat myself
    Can’t you fuckin’ read?
    Nice fuckin’ accents
    Why can’t you speak like me
    What’s that dot on you head,
    Do you use it to see??


    Really nice sentiments…

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