Immigrants’ Ways of Doing Things

“Australia is already “multi-cultral” (sic) enough, (sic) people are running from there (sic) countrys (sic) but trying to bring there (sic) beliefs and ways of life to australia (sic), (sic) obviously if there (sic) running from there (sic) country there (sic) ways of doing things isnt (sic) the right one (sic)! You come to australia (sic) then you live like an australian (sic)! isnt (sic) that the reason you came here in the first place??!!”

‘Maggi’ speaks on behalf of both Australia’s immigrant population and resident population.

So refreshing, especially after Harry suggested building a fence around Melbourne. So insightful! Caging racist bogans in with each other – why hadn’t we thought of that before?

What do YOU think about this?

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