Burqas Hide Bombs

In Australia, we haven’t had any terrorist attacks. Nor have we had anyone rob a bank wearing a burqa to conceal a weapon. Our jails aren’t full of Muslim women. Yet, because a lot of people struggle with the concept of probability, they believe that the longer we allow burqas in public without incident, the sooner we will witness tragedy at the hands of a Muslim woman. Either that, or people are masking their hatred and intolerance under fear of national security. A growing trend, it would seem.

If I was a bank robber, I’d cover my face for sure. The only advantage I’d have by wearing a burqa over wearing loose trackies and a balaclava is that I’d get closer to the counter undetected. The point is, however, as soon as I produce a weapon and demand money, it wouldn’t matter if I was wearing a clown mask and a muumuu. At that very point, I become a masked criminal. If I have intent to rob a bank, I want my face covered, pockets to keep weapons and takings, and my legs free to run my little arse off. And a burqa doesn’t meet all of my criteria.

Of course, this picture was uploaded onto an Australian chat forum by a guy calling himself ‘White Power’. By memory, didn’t the KKK wear white, pointed burqas…?

Oi oi oi!

2 thoughts on “Burqas Hide Bombs

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