Aboriginals Slam Australia Day

A 93 year old grandfather was horrified that Aboriginals would harbour any sort of resentment for ‘Australia Day’. Huh? What? Wasn’t he told about the hundreds of thousands of Aboriginal people killed, raped and separated from their families from the 26th of January 1788 onwards? He was obviously alive for a good chunk of the 182 years where Aboriginals were treated as sub-human and refused entry into society as well as the right to vote. He was definitely alive for the 69 years of the White Australia Policy and he was babbling on about the people who fought in wars that were all happening during those years of mistreatment and racism?

His ‘main beef’ came out of the misconception that the Western world has the same ‘love’ for the land as the Aboriginals – but love doesn’t necessarily equate to respect. If you’re reading this, and you believe that love and respect for the land is felt equally between the Indigenous people and the white settlers, then you are a fool.

At some stage, it would have been a good idea to tell him that the diggers weren’t fighting for the Aboriginals or for their land rights.

Hey, Mr. Soderblom: “Australia”! He he he.

15 thoughts on “Aboriginals Slam Australia Day

  1. This Soderblom mob live in Melton Victoria and obviously have no university quals and can’t even read up about aboriginal history and world wars. Not all of us Melton mob are like this, please forgive us! I’ve heard ém carrying on about Australia Day and aboriginal dole bludgers before, so it is response time.

    Elise is the youngest daughter of David and enjoys a whine on facebook about Aboriginal freedom of speech and tax payer benefits, but her own kids must be subsidised by federal and state govt handouts. She takes Govt benefits without questioning herself and hates others having opinions. She wouldn’t have the first idea about Aboriginal involvement in WWI and WWII, or the invasion before.

    The oldest daughter Karen loves a whinge whenever she’s asked to pay her own way. She wants a bottomless pit of tax payer subsidises because she’s the wife of some RAAF fella. You’d think the RAAF aren’t paid the way she carries on.

    For a bunch of idiots wanting constant total tax payer funded support and knowing nothing about the invasion of Australia, it’s disgusting that they treat others with contempt. This family take so much, and give stuff all back.


  2. People like this Elise clown spend all day on facebook and twitter and never get around to exploring books and learning. They never look at their own pathetic lives in the mirror. What a loser.

  3. Elise is a supporter of the APP. So I am not surprised to see a post like that. The APP dislike Indigenous people as much as they dislike non-European immigrants, despite the fact that Indigenous people are the first Australians, and the APP always carry on about how they want to “protect” Australians.

    According to the weird sophistry which passes for thought in certain APP quarters, Indigenous people are not “Australians” because Australia did not exist until 1901. So they can contemptuously dismiss the oldest continuing culture on earth and whinge and bleat about the money spent on Aboriginal welfare, why don’t schools teach “white history”, why can’t they be like white people etc etc.

  4. Indigenous Australian have served in the Australia Army since the Boer War.

    I served with several Indigenous Australians myself, all exemplary soldiers.

    Capt Reg Saunders,an Indigenous Aussie came from a long and proud family history of service to our nation. He commanded a company in the Korean War and is highly decorated.

    The work done by many Indigenous Soldiers in the Army, particularly in FNQ and the Pilbara is outstanding.

    Then you have a person like Elise who carries on about dole bludging and ‘more rights’, all while sitting safely in her lounge-room. Dull bitch.

    Black ANZAC
    They have forgotten him, need him no more
    He who fought for his land in nearly every war
    Tribal fights before his country was taken by Captain Cook
    Then went overseas to fight at Gallipoli and Tobruk

    World War One two black Anzacs were there
    France, Europe’s desert, New Guinea’s jungles, did his share
    Korea, Malaya, Vietnam again black soldier enlisted
    Fight for democracy was his duty he insisted

    Back home went his own way not looking for praise
    Like when he was a warrior in the forgotten days
    Down on the Gold Coast a monument in the Bora Ring
    Recognition at last his praises they are starting to sing

    This black soldier who never marches on ANZAC Day
    Living in his Gunya doesn’t have much to say
    Thinks of his friends who fought some returned some died
    If only one day they could march together side by side

    His medals he keeps hidden away from prying eyes
    No one knows, no one sees the tears in his old black eyes
    He’s been outcast just left by himself to die
    Recognition at last black ANZAC hold your head high

    Every year at Gold Coast’s Yegumbah Bora Ring site
    Black ANZAC in uniform and medals a magnificent sight
    The rock with Aboriginal tribal totems paintings inset
    The Kombumerri people’s inscription of LEST WE FORGET

  5. Glad you liked the poem Bella.

    The author is an Indigenous soldier from the 2ND Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment.

    Australian should be very proud of the work Indigenous soldiers do, I had the privilege of working with a Recon unit in FNQ.

    These blokes are natural soldiers, their skills are amazing. Their ability to track sign is uncanny. The knowledge of bushcraft is unsurpassed.
    One thing that really amazed me is the superior eye sight, the Section Commander, Henry, could see like a hawk. Several times I had objects pointed out to me that I could not see, even using my binos. It is uncanny.

    I learnt many things from my time with this section, including how to observe things, my situational awareness improved massively.

    • I would like to say thank you as a young Aboriginal, it good to know their are people who truly understand the sacrifice my people made in almost all Australian wars, most were on point with the aussies behind, if only current day soldiers understood the impact we can have on the front line I would be happy to join but its turned into a boys club where women and non aussies are not welcome. its a pity, I think Aboriginals could take our special forces to the next level

  6. Elise Soderblom is a nobody. It only takes a google search to understand the power of diversity in Australia. Elise Soderblom judges others, what has she contibuted? I’ve googled her and suprise suprise, she’s never written anything positive about anyone. Dunce hat Elise Soderblom.

  7. Elise is highly delusional. I remember seeing a debate between her and a Muslim woman over Islam (Elise was saying “Islam is evil and can never fit in” whereas the Muslim woman was saying, naturally “I fit in here quite nicely, thank you very much), at which point she said “I’m a respected journalist who has their knowledge so respected in multiculturalism that I’ve had articles published in both Cosmo and Mx about this”

    Those articles? They were letters to the editor. Which makes her a respected journalist as much as a radio phone-in-caller is a respected broadcaster.

    Funnily enough, I was talking to an APP member at one point, who was saying the “APP is not against Aborigines, and would welcome them as members”
    I referenced Elise’s rants against Aborigines (Including they should just get over what happened, and stop whining), which he mistook as my own statements, and sent a series of messages about me, telling me to retract my statement or some Aboriginal friends of his would rough me up.

    When I informed him that I was referencing a member of the APP, I’m sure you’re expecting he made the same threats to Elise, or at least say that he would object to what she was saying.
    Nope! The most he did was say “I respect your opinion, and you have some good points”

    Which just goes to show, in the APP you’re allowed to do anything, as long as you hate Muslims and Gays while doing it. And to all their members, no matter what other posters state, you will never disagree with them as long as they still hate Muslims and gays.

  8. Elise Soderblom is no risk to democracy, she’s just uneducated (surprise surprise!). The problem is that she has such contempt for educated people that she’s unable to open her mind to bigger issues and better solutions.

  9. Monkey say, monkey do. I’m sad that that Elise Soderblom got to be this way. I’m intellectually interested in how she came to be this way. Multiculturalism is such a gift to Australia.

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